Our Shareholders

Grizzly is controlled by two shareholders, Wexford Capital LP and Gulfport Energy Corporation.

Wexford Capital LP

Wexford founded Grizzly in 2006 and owns 75 percent. Wexford is an SEC-registered investment advisor with over $4 billion in assets under management as of Dec 31, 2013, including $2 billion in the energy and natural resources sectors.

Wexford has a long track record of creating value by forming companies in the exploration and production, service and supply or midstream sectors of the energy industry. Wexford’s investments range from the Gulf of Mexico to the Utica shale play in Ohio to emerging international energy markets such as Thailand. Wexford has a longstanding interest in resource and service companies in Canada, the United States and Asia. Wexford takes a long-term view, typically remaining involved for 10 years or longer

Gulfport Energy Corporation

Gulfport owns 25 percent of Grizzly. Listed on the NASDAQ (symbol: GPOR), Gulfport is a value-driven, growth-oriented exploration and development company with an enterprise value of approximately $5 billion. It was formerly part of Wexford’s portfolio.

In addition to its investment in Grizzly, Gulfport has operating assets in southern Louisiana and the Utica Shale of Eastern Ohio, with first quarter 2014 production average of approximately 27,000 barrels per day.